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58% Cacao

100% Organic and simple ingredients:

Cacao Beans, Erythritol, Cocoa butter, Coconut Milk, Mesquite Powder, Aquafaba, Stevia, Vanilla.

The Double Crunch Vegan Milk Bar is the fruitful result of a collaboration between The Good Chocolate and GiGi Ashworth (@gigieats). Sharing the passion for promoting a healthier and more delicious lifestyle, GiGi and The Good Chocolate embarked on a mission to develop a unique milk chocolate bar that’s not only Keto friendly but also vegan. Inspired by Gigi’s infectious flamboyance, her insatiable sweet tooth and her dietary restrictions, The Good Chocolate added crispy zero-sugar crispy crystals and crunchy cacao nibs making this bar impossible to ignore.

Find out more about GIGI here:

GiGi's Website

GiGi on Instagram

GiGi on YouTube

She Does Keto: The Book


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