6-pack of Bars of all 6 flavors of The Good Chocolate: Signature Dark, Salted Almond, Mint, Ginger, Himalayan Salt and 54% Milk.

  • As sweet, more creamy and up to 45% fewer calories than chocolate-with-sugar
  • Zero sugar, 100% organic, handmade bean-to-bar quality
  • Lowest calorie chocolate in the world - up to 45% fewer calories & 2 Net Carbs per Bar (3 for Almond & 7 for Dark Milk)
  • Sweetened with healthy organic sweeteners: Erythritol, mesquite powder & stevia - NO aftertaste
  • Low glycemic; Vegan (except Milk flavor); Metabolism-friendly; Soy free; FODMAP friendly; Helps prevent cavities

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